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Blackthorne Security

Protecting My Forever
Connor and Calliope's story 
Our lives have been profoundly touched by death. 

I lost many friends during my service to our country and my twin sister.

She was orphaned by the September Eleventh terrorist attack.


All the time afterwards before we met was less than perfect for both of us.

I was hired to protect her body. 

We might be able to save each other's souls instead.  

Protecting Our Forever
Our purely physical though exclusive relationship works for both of us. 
She is a sought after talent agent and I work in private security. 
The schedules we keep don't lend themselves to long term relationships.

Until we both realize we want to make us work. 
The moment we decide to take a chance on us, our pasts creep into the present. 
Can I secure our present or will our pasts crush any chance we have on a future together?

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Protecting Us

Years ago my brothers were injured while serving our country. During their time in hospital, one of their unit mates and I grew close. At one point, I thought he might even ask me out, but it never happened. It made sense, we both have careers and live in different states.


We've seen one another a few times a year at family and military functions since then, but neither one of us is able or willing to leave our careers. The tension and longing is impossible to miss, but we continue to fight it until I decide to put myself on the line. 


I knock on his door on a national holiday and hope for the best. What follows is a twisted route to happily ever after including car chases, stolen paintings, and divulging skills my brothers taught me to protect both of us. 

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Hers to Protect

A Blackthorne Security Novel - Book 4

On a whim, Alex applies to Blackthorne Security. While she doesn't have the most experience, she's eager and willing to learn. With one condition regarding her assignments, Alex takes the job. Private security is perfect for her. The pay is stellar, and the downtime is limited. Then her bosses give her the option to amend her condition. A client needs assistance and she is the best fit for the job. 


Jordan is the highest paid wide receiver in the league. His team is coming off a victory in the big game, but injuries indicate he'll likely be traded. The trade isn't the issue. Being a single dad with no family support makes moving an issue. His agent recommends Blackthorne Security to protect his daughter from her mother and the notariety his celebrity brings with it.


Both Alex and Jordan keep their personal lives private. When things spiral out of control and they're forced to share and get real, will they learn the other is who they need for the rest of their lives?


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Protecting Our Family

A Blackthorne Security Novel - Book 5

Releases Oct 10, 2023

Maia and Nolan have been best friends since day one. What happens they agree to one weekend to see if you should be together? Especially when neither knows the other has been pining for years. The options are bliss or utter ruin. There's one option we didn't consider-parenthood.

Aside from our unplanned bundle of joy, turmoil erupts in his life. Can we survive? Will we end up together, only co-parents, or something in between?

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