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Cappelli Family

Chasing Forever
I was adopted by a widowed police officer when I was a newborn.

He never remarried.

Five years ago, he was taken from me in the line of duty.


I have one rule: NEVER fall for a cop.

Everything about Luca screams forever potential. 

The entire package: marriage, house, dog, and kids.


He breaks my only rule. Can I walk away? Can I get over my fears and leap into his arms for the rest of my life?

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Chasing-My-Sunshine-6x9in (1).jpg
Chasing My Sunshine

I've given up on dating. Who would want a single dad with a difficult ex-wife?
One coffee cup mix-up and I have a date for the first time in three years.

Francesca Cappelli is smart and runs a successful business in a male-dominated field. She's unlike anyone I've ever met. Is a woman like her willing to take a chance on me and my pre-teen daughter? Once things start to look up, my ex-wife announces she is moving and plans to take my daughter with her. What woman would sign up for my drama willingly? Francesca Cappelli and no one else. 

Worth the Chase
A few years ago, I met a brazen single mother who took my breath away. Given the circumstances of how we met, I didn't pursue her. We ran into one another again six months ago and have been having lunch ever since. I finally raise the courage to ask her out and she accepts.

We are making progress until her ex-husband is up for parole and my sister's survival becomes a debate. Will our new found relationship thrive or will we crumble under the pressure of factors around us?


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Chasing After You
Who meets their soulmate in the third grade? I did. We were inseparable. After life threw me a few curveballs, I made a conscious choice to protect our friendship and actively thwart any romantic feelings I had for Lily. To do so, I purposely dated women who were her opposite in every way. 


After a heated discussion with my current girlfriend and Lily cuts all ties with me.  Meanwhile, I'm unaware my best friend was also pining for me. It isn't until tragedy strikes our family do I realize how special Lily is and how losing her completely will break me.


Can we overcome the latest curve thrown our way or are we doomed to unrequited love for the rest of our lives?

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Chasing Someday 6x9in.jpg
Chasing Someday

Amelia's new neighbor sends a delicious treat to welcome her to the neighborhood. Her courier is the neighbor's sexy grandson. After a second unplanned meeting, the pair agree to a date. Their new relationship is progressing well until an ex . . . sort of comes into the picture.


After a terrifying event, Amelia and Finnegan are forced into a luxurious, secure townhouse until the situation is under control. When they believe things are settled, they resume their normal lives. Unfortunately, they were wrong and more issues surface. Will their newfound love survive?

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