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Morgan Brothers Novels


One Unforgettable Favor

At one time, the bustle of the big city was enthralling to Cassius Morgan.

Now, his days are more of the same, work, gym, repeat. 

Dating, please. There isn't a woman in this metropolis for him.

While travelling for work, one unexpected kiss sets his soul on fire. 


My brother may be Hollywood royalty, but I'm just a regular woman working at an unfulfilling job. One spontaneous kiss and I can't get him out of my mind.

I will likely never see him again, but the heat, impossible to ignore.

Until he reaches out to me for a date while he is in town.



Until I Kissed Y0u


Falling for my coworker, not my best choice.

A surprise baby with my one night stand.

I'm just racking up good decisions..


My boss is a hot, well known billionaire.

Falling for him would be a mistake, right?

Falling for his daughter would be an even bigger mistake, right?


Always Have, Always Will


I have been in love with my best friends for as long as I can remember.

Circumstances and my own bull headedness prevent me from taking the next step.


One drunken kiss and declaration of my true feelings changes everything.

My best friend walks away. 


Not only have I been pining for her, but she has for me.

Now I need to win her back. I will stop at nothing to ensure she's my forever.

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