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York Beach Series

Joseph & Genevieve's Story

What would you do if you saw your first love while standing at rehearsal to marry someone else?

I ran.

I ran to my grandparents cottage to forget about Joseph and piece my life back together. My escape is short-lived - Joseph lives two doors down from me.

What would you do for a second chance with your first love?

Joseph Cavallaro will do whatever it takes to bring Genevieve back into his life. With the help of flowers, meddling grandparents and his adorable son, he might just have a shot at forever.

William & Kelsey's story

Kelsey is working three jobs, chasing her dream of running her own bakery and event service and napping in any spare minutes she can find. It doesn’t leave much time for dating, and the few men she has found recently are not exactly knights in shining armor. 


After a disturbing package shows up at her place and throws her world off kilter, her best friend insists that Kelsey come up to her cottage for the weekend. It might be just the change she needs. A chance encounter at a wedding sparks a fire between her and a local police captain. But will it be snuffed out by intrusive parents and old flames, or will it brighten their lives for years to come?

The question is - if you’ve found the right person, is such a thing as moving too fast.

Grant & Maggie's story

Can two people looking for peace find it in each other?  



My boyfriend has been sleeping with my best friend/roommate and has been for months. 

My boss is a witch.

A flat tire in the rain during the holiday rush. Perfect. 

Could this day get any worse? I don't need rescuing, but he's gorgeous. 



My family hates my honorable career.

All I wanted was an easy extra shift with no calls before the holiday. 

Now, I need to rescue a damsel in distress. 


Could this day get any worse? She doesn't need help after all, but she's beautiful. 


A mysterious woman in a mask and a spectacular night together. The next morning, she's gone leaving only a note signed M. 


I look for her everywhere I go. So far, I've failed in finding her. Perhaps, I need to move on and try finding a real relationship without my rules. 



I didn't heed their ultimatum and ventured out on my own. Now, I have a fabulous job, a cute condo with water views and a gorgeous boyfriend. Things are looking up. 


I thought I was in the clear, my parents had other plans. 


Can my new found freedom and love survive?


Kelly Cavallaro has realized her dreams as a couture fashion designer, well mostly. She has an elegant storefront, amazing friends and family. The only thing missing, someone to share it with.


Ellis Barnett's movies make millions of dollars at the box office. His gorgeous face graces magazine covers and billboards around the world. The tabloids believe he is a celebrity playboy, but that is far from the truth. He is looking for a partner who doesn't care about my celebrity status. Is that even possible?


Norah and I have been friends with benefits for more than two years.

Now, she needs my professional services. 

A notorious crime family is after her for doing her job well. 

I will stop at nothing to keep her safe. Even if it means we can't be together anymore.


Can I protect her heart? Can I protect mine? 

I don't deserve happiness again.

I failed once, I won't fail again.

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