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For Love & Coffee

A few years ago I literally ran into a gorgeous woman and was rendered speechless. Before I could chase her, duty called. Aside from that, I wasn't in a place to pursue her properly.  Now the same woman has stepped back into my life to care for my mother. My mother's diagnosis was difficult to handle. The fact she doesn't recall who I am breaks my heart daily. 


Somewhere in her fragile mind, my mother believes I'm married to her nurse. What do I do when pretending turns into real feelings? A desire I felt a few years ago if I'm being honest with myself but it wasn't the right time then. Is it now? Can I risk my mother's care for a relationship of my own?  Should I or should I force myself to walk away from the woman who could be my perfect match?


The bigger question is: does love happen on its own or does it need a little push every now then? Find out when a group of meddling first responders attempt to bring two unsuspecting people together.

Paperback link coming soon.

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